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Clarke Electrical Lighting - Download, View or Print Clarke Product Manuals and Guides

View, download and print manuals for Clarke Electrical Lighting, Clarke instruction books and Clarke user guides for the wide range of Clarke power products now available. Download in PDF format here from the Clarke International Spares and Service Centre website.
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Model Description Part Number Download Now
CFL 20LI Clarke CFL20LI Cordless LED Lamp Manual 6487035 Download Manual
CHL 100D Clarke CHL100D Halogen Floodlight Manual 5460550 Download Manual
CHL 110D Clarke CHL110D Halogen Tripod Light Manual 5460555 Download Manual
CHL 120D Clarke CHL120D Halogen Tripod Light Manual 5460560 Download Manual
CHL 150D Clarke CHL150D Halogen Floodlight Manual 5460565 Download Manual
CHL 151D Clarke CHL151D Halogen Floodlight Manual 5460570 Download Manual
CHL 500D Clarke CHL500D Halogen Floodlight Manual 5460575 Download Manual
CHL 500SD Clarke CHL500SD Halogen Floodlight Manual 5460580 Download Manual
CHL 500TD Clarke CHL500TD Halogen Tripod Light Manual 5460585 Download Manual
CHL 1000TD Clarke CHL1000TD Halogen Tripod Light Manual 5460590 Download Manual
CHL 1260C Clarke CHL1260C Halogen Floodlight Manual 5460600 Download Manual
CHL 1260T Clarke CHL1260T Halogen Floodlight Manual 5460595 Download Manual
CL 6FS Clarke CL6FS Portable Lamp Manual 4003530 Download Manual
CL 6PIR Clarke CL6PIR Security Lamp Manual 4003535 Download Manual
COB 10C Clarke COB10C 110V 10W COB LED Worklight Manual 4003600 Download Manual
COB 10C Clarke COB10C 230V 10W COB LED Worklight Manual 4003605 Download Manual
COB 10CR Clarke COB10CR 230V 10W COB LED Rechargeable Worklight Manual 4003615 Download Manual
COB 10T Clarke COB10T 230V COB LED Worklight Manual 4003620 Download Manual
COB 15CR Clarke COB15CR COB LED Rechargeable Worklight Manual 4003623 Download Manual
CSR 100 Clarke CSR100 100w Rechargeable Spotlight Manual 5469005 Download Manual
CTH 5 Clarke CTH5 Headlamp Manual 4003500 Download Manual
CTL 24-3 Clarke CTL24-3 Work Lamp Manual 4002910 Download Manual
CTL 28 Clarke CTL28 Work Lamp Manual 4002905 Download Manual
CUH100 Clarke CUH100 Inspection Lamp Manual 3220823 Download Manual
CWL 2IN1 Clarke CWL 2IN1 2 in 1 Spotlight/Lantern Manual 4003070 Download Manual
CWL COB 3 Clarke CWLCOB 3 LED Worklight Manual 4003060 Download Manual
HLC400 Clarke HLC400 230V Halogen Worklight Manual 5460680 Download Manual
HLC400 Clarke HLC400 110V Halogen Worklight Manual 5460685 Download Manual
HLC400T Clarke HLC400T 110V Halogen Worklight Manual 5460690 Download Manual
HLC400T Clarke HLC400T 230V Halogen Worklight Manual 5460695 Download Manual
PL5R Clarke PL5R Slim Pocket LED Worklight Manual 4003624 Download Manual
RSL 3 Clarke RSL3 Rechargeable Spotlight Manual 5460480 Download Manual
RSL 30 Clarke RSL30 Rechargeable Spotlight Manual 5460482 Download Manual
RWL 10 Clarke RWL10 Rechargeable Spotlight Manual 4002822 Download Manual
RWL 12 Clarke RWL12 Rechargeable Work Lamp Manual 4003005 Download Manual
RWL 30 Clarke RWL30 Rechargeable Worklight Manual 4002830 Download Manual
RWL 36LI Clarke RWL36LI Rechargeable Worklight Manual 4003050 Download Manual
RWLT 36 Clarke RWLT36 Rechargeable Telescopic Worklight/Torch Manual 4003010 Download Manual
SAL 100B Clarke SAL100B Lamp Manual 5460542 Download Manual
SAM 75 Clarke SAM75 Magnifying Lamp Manual 5460520 Download Manual
SAM 75B Clarke SAM75B Magnifying Lamp Manual 5460522 Download Manual
SAM 100 Clarke SAM100 Magnifying Lamp Manual 5460530 Download Manual
SAM 100B Clarke SAM100B Magnifying Lamp Manual 5460533 Download Manual
SAM 127 Clarke SAM127 Magnifying Lamp Manual 5460536 Download Manual
SAM 170 Clarke SAM170 Magnifying Lamp Manual 5460538 Download Manual
SMD 42C Clarke SMD42C 230V Light Manual 4003610 Download Manual
SMD 42T Clarke SMD42T 230V LED Worklight Manual 4003625 Download Manual
SMD 42T Clarke SMD42T 110V LED Worklight Manual 4003630 Download Manual
SMD 84T Clarke SMD84T 230V SMD LED Worklight Manual 4003635 Download Manual
SMD 84T Clarke SMD84T 110V SMD LED Worklight Manual 4003640 Download Manual
TML 89 Clarke TML89 Magnifying Table Lamp Manual 5460512 Download Manual