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Clarke Safes and Security Products Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safe Registration and why a Safe should be Registered

Registration is a simple process that allows us to keep basic information securely on file to help prove and verify the lawful owner or keeper of a Safe when security data or technical assistance is requested. If a Safe and the user (lawful owner or keeper) has not been registered then enhanced product support is not available. For example, Safe combination numbers and key numbers will not be disclosed to the unregistered owner or keeper, and home ‘support’ is not an option that can be considered. Registration must be made within seven days of purchase as security for our customers and their products, and compliance with The Data Protection Act 1998, are our main concerns.


How to Register a Safe using the supplied Safe Registration Form
We provide a simple Safe Registration Form as part of the instruction manual supplied with each Clarke Safe. This form should be completed as directed and returned to the Product Registration Department within seven days of purchase. We will then acknowledge receipt and confirm Registration by issuing a unique Registration Number to you. You will need this number each time you contact us for support or assistance.

How to Register a Safe without the original Safe Registration Form
If you do not have the original Registration Form that came with the Safe or it is over seven days since you purchased it we may still process your Registration but it will be subject to delay. We have to verify all information given to us and to be satisfied that you are the lawful owner or keeper of the Safe. You must write to the Registration Manager, Clarke International, Shrubland Road, London E10 7RB requesting Registration. We will then tell you which documents we need to see, and confirm if payment is required.
Please note, a Registration Fee may be payable.

Definition of Registered Safe
A Registered safe is a Clarke Safe product with a unique serial number, model number, key number and owner or keeper details recorded by us following the previous receipt of a correctly completed Registration Form, and for which a unique Registration Number has been issued by us.

Definition of Registered User
A Registered User is the person named on the Registration Form and residing at the stated address, and to whom the unique Registration Number has been issued.

How to contact the Product Registration Department

Our full United Kingdom Postal Address is:

Product Registration Department
Clarke International
Shrubland Road
E10 7RB

Telephone, Fax and Email

Telephone: 020 8988 7415
Fax: 020 8558 3622
Email: Please use the Contact Us form here