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Clarke International Ltd - Conditions of Collection (Revised May 2015)

1.0 About the Collection Service
The collection service we can sometimes offer is an enhancement to our sales and after-sales service and does not form part of our warranty procedure or warranty obligations, and can be withdrawn by us at any time. It is used solely at our discretion and under these conditions. For the purpose of clarity, it should be understood that Clarke International operates a return-to-base (RTB) warranty so all goods returned for repair or credit under warranty must be consigned to us carriage paid and in the original packaging. Goods sold as secondhand are excluded from the collection service. Please note that the collection service is only available for the UK mainland and only for item(s) covered under our terms of warranty. All collections arranged by us are valid for 10 days from the date they are arranged and are cancelled automatically if the goods are not collected within this period. You must contact our Returns Department (Tel: 020 8988 7416) if collection has not been made.

2.0 Preparation - Before Using the Collection Service
2.1 Collections will only be arranged when valid proof of purchase has been established by us so please ensure that you have your receipt or invoice information available when using this online service.
2.2 All fuels, oils and other liquids must be removed prior to collection as they are not permitted for carriage and transport by any road carrier used by us. If liquids or fuels are sent then all costs arising from any spillage, accident or damage to all goods affected (own or otherwise) are payable by the sender or party requesting the service. This means you must remove all oils, fuels and other liquids.
2.3 The sender is responsible for loading the carrier's vehicle and for providing any loading or lifting equipment, or other assistance as required. Collections will only be made from the ground floor on the border with the public footpath or highway. For example, the front door of a house or a road-facing loading bay of a commercial property.
2.4 Collections are only made between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday so you must ensure that somebody is available to hand over the goods. Please note that failed collections are chargeable.

3.0 Collection Requirements
3.1 Goods or consignments must not be palletised without our prior consent as pallets are generally excluded from the collection service. All costs arising from the sending of unauthorised pallets are payable by the party requesting the collection service. Please contact us for further advice or information if necessary.
3.2 It is the sender's responsibility to obtain a valid receipt for all goods collected by the carrier as no claim can be made without it. Please keep your receipt in a safe place as it will be required by us in the event of any subsequent damage, shortage or loss claim. You may prepare your own document for the driver to sign if necessary. Please ensure all receipts are signed and dated correctly.
3.3 All goods and packages must be clearly labelled and properly packed for automated handling and transport by road carrier. Any damage, shortage or loss caused as a result of improper labelling or insufficient packing will be the sole responsibility of the sender or party requesting the service. No responsibility can or will be accepted by us or our carrier.
3.4 If we have supplied a pre-addressed return label(s) then these must be affixed to the outside of each package in the consignment. These are pre-printed with your Returns Number (not your Booking Reference) to aid identification and processing at our Service Centre in London. If we have not supplied a pre-printed returns label(s) then you may print a basic returns label from this website. You will need to write the Booking Reference on this label - this is given to you online once you have completed the collection process.

4.0 General Conditions of Collection and Information
4.1 Items or goods collected by us for repair under our terms of warranty will be subject to labour and carriage charges if no fault is found after inspection and testing, or if we reject warranty for any reason.
4.2 All unauthorised returns collected by us will incur carriage charges at full tariff rates and may be subject to administration charges so please do not send us goods that we have not agreed to accept. No liability can or will be accepted by us. It is the sole responsibility of the sender or party requesting the service to collect any unauthorised goods from our Service Centre in London. If you are unsure of what goods you can return then please contact us before arranging collection online.
4.3 The carrier's Conditions of Carriage and all conditions and limitations stated therein will apply to every consignment collected by us.
4.4 A minimum charge of £15.00 plus V.A.T. will apply to all wasted journeys by the carrier so please ensure the consignment is ready before requesting collection, and that the collection address you give us is attended between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. The wasted journey charge may be revised by us at any time.
4.5 We cannot arrange or assist with the collection of safes and some other Clarke security products.
4.6 We reserve the right to cancel the collection service at any time or to cancel any individual collection at any time.
4.7 You agree that we may give your contact details including telephone number to the chosen carrier to help and assist with collection arrangements. This is a mandatory requirement by some carriers so without this information the collection cannot be arranged.
4.8 Please note that the Clarke collection service is only available to dealers, trade users and business customers operating from commercial or private premises on the UK mainland. It is not available offshore. The collection address must be manned continually between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. This means we cannot collect from private users residing at private or domestic addresses unless someone is at home throughout the day. Please note that a wasted journey charge will apply to all failed collections.